The idea of advantage-Part C

Part A and B of original medicare is used for doctor’s and hospital’s premium and is funded by the government. Part C and Part D are the additional part of the medicare plan. They are from a private medicare insurance company. 

The progressive developments in medicare advantage look good for 2022, especially for tech-equipped patients. The services provided by advantage plan for inpatient include services from medicare part A, with hospital care and skilled nursing facility. A different plan in part C will also include home care. 

The benefits of out-patient care

Out-patient care is for those not admitted to the hospitals. The services for out-patients include-

  1. Doctor’s visits
  2. It provides coverage like various laboratory tests and X-rays. 
  3. With an ambulance service for emergency 
  4. Mental health service for in-patient and out-patient. 
  5. It provides patients with medical equipment like a wheelchair or walkers. 
  6. Medical tests and general vaccines like flu shots are also included 
  7. Physical therapy
  8. Occupational therapy 
  9. Speech and language pathology. 

There different plans within the medicare advantage plan like HMO or health-maintenance organization, preferred provider organization or PPO, Medical Savings account or MSA, Private fee for service or PFFS, Special needs plans or SNS, and health maintenance organization and point of service plan or HMO-POS. These plans are unique and are designed for catering to different needs of patients. 

  1. Health-maintenance organization plan (HMO) – To see the in-network doctor, without paying extra expense. 
  2. Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO) – The patient can choose any doctor, as long as they accept the medicare facility. 
  3. Private fee for service plan (PFFS) – The doctor should be accepting of the terms and conditions of payment, else the plan will not cover doctor’s fees. 
  4. Special need plan (SNS) – This plan has prescribed drug coverage and is useful for those with special needs. It also holds good for someone with chronic diseases like end-stage renal disease or HIV/AIDS. 
  5.  Health maintenance organization- point of service plan (HMO-POS) – It covers both in and out network health care facilities, so whenever a patient goes to the doctor they need not pay out of their pockets. 
  6. Medical saving account plan (MSA) – This provides deductible with a bank account, where the money gets deposited in that account. The deposited amount varies from plan to plan.

A person can’t take both Part C and Part D plans. The Part C plan is convenient, it has most of the hospital and doctor services added on to, and to some extent drug prescription. For more coverage on the drug prescribed then the insured need to purchase Part D separately. Therefore, you cannot take both plans together. There are a lot of reputed companies like . The upcoming year will see many changes with part C, thus the  Affordable Medicare Advantage is the best. The company and plan are suggested by an online insurance agent. The most suggested in the upcoming year is  medicare advantage plan 2022.

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