SEO Specialist – Remote Job Vacancy at Brainlabs Digital (Remote)

Vacancy : SEO Specialist – Remote
Company Name : Brainlabs Digital
Company Location : Remote

Job Description

SEO Specialist – Remote
Classification: Full-time, entry level
Team: Client Services
Reporting to: Senior SEO Strategist
Estimated Start: February 2022
Location: REMOTE – Anywhere, US or Canada
Work Authorization: This role is open to US or Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents and non-citizens allowed to work for any US or Canadian employer. We are unable to sponsor any work authorizations for this role.
What’s the role?
We’re looking for a curious data lover and search engine enthusiast to become our newest SEO Specialist! You will be hands on, in the weeds, working with your team to ensure that clients maintain a strong presence in audiences’ online searches!
So, tell me about the company
Brainlabs is an experimentation-led agency famed for its world-class company culture. We seek to create an environment where everyone is excited to come to work and contribute to our two-fold mission:
to change the future of digital advertising
to build the best company to work for
For more info why not take a look at our company handbook and our employer pledge which sets out our aim to be remarkable in diversity and inclusion, team spirit, client work, career progression, and fun.
What this job is:
Varied: No two days are exactly alike!
Data-driven: You will perform data analysis and make recommendations from that numeric evidence!
FUN! Brainlabs fosters an environment where geeking out, laughing, and sharing knowledge are the name of the game
What this job isn’t:
Boring. Every task for a client presents new opportunities to learn!
Stagnant. There is so much room for growth at Brainlabs, and we regularly promote current Brainlabbers in order to grow to scale!
Give me a breakdown of what an SEO Specialist at Brainlabs does:
Client Management Responsibilities (80%):
Measured on efficacy of client support, account team feedback, as well as client retention, growth, and satisfaction for clients under management
Successfully completes new hire training program
Supports 1-3 client accounts (MRR less than $8k/month)
Implement QA checks on relevant SEO platforms
Monitor budgets and performance and make optimizations on a daily basis
Communicate performance, client contact changes, and relationship issues to account leads, while providing ideas for solutions
Perform regular analyses and make data-driven recommendations
Contribute to account work, including presentations, audits, reporting, etc.
Provide effective account support, e.g. drafting agendas, taking meeting notes, pre and post-call notes, and updating project trackers
Implement & use Brainlabs’ tools and applies test and learn methodology on all accounts
Respond to client emails
Leadership Responsibilities (20%):
Models leadership qualities including alignment to company priorities and philosophies, effective stress and emotion self-management
Cultivates an atmosphere that embraces diversity and inclusion within the team and agency
What we really want:
A team player with a passion for data analysis and search engine optimization!
What particular set of skills would suit this role?
Excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and verbally
Proven skills with Microsoft Office and/or Google Business Apps, especially Excel or Google Sheets
Possess interpersonal and organizational skills
Demonstrated alignment to our company values
Previous professional experience
Prior data analysis experience either as part of a class project or in a previous position
4-year degree in any field
How will I know I’m doing it right?
You will be evaluated based on how you live our four core values every day in addition to your work in SEO data analysis, idea-sharing, and client satisfaction!
What happens next
We know searching for a job is tough and that you want to find the best career and employer for you. We also want to ensure that this position is the best fit for both you and us. Therefore, you will participate in a comprehensive interview process that includes skills interviews with our team. The goal of this process is to allow you to get to know us as we learn more about you.

Brainlabs actively seeks and encourages applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds and identities. More specifically, our equal opportunities and diversity monitoring data indicates that we under-represent BIPOC ethnic groups, so we actively encourage applications from BIPOC candidates.
Thank you for your interest in Brainlabs! We look forward to getting to know you
When you apply to work at Brainlabs, we may use your application data to make employment decisions, but your data will not be distributed or used elsewhere unless you are hired as an employee. All applications ask for your consent to allow us to process your personal data. However, you have the right to withdraw your information at any point by reaching out to

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