Senior Digital Marketing Manager Job Vacancy at Feathr (Florida)

Vacancy : Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Company Name : Feathr
Company Location : Florida

Job Description

Your Company:
Feathr provides a modern digital marketing software solution for associations, nonprofits, credit unions, and event organizations. We unify our customer’s marketing efforts with our platform including website analytics, targeted digital advertising, influencer marketing, and more.
Feathr is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Gainesville, Florida with over 1500 international clients (majority are based in London, NYC, and DC). Our people are what make the difference. We’re looking for a unique individual who will dive right in, develop deep empathy for our customers, and accelerate Feathr’s growth!
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
$86K OTE ($70K base salary + $16K performance-based)
4-day work week, fully-paid dental/vision + 99% paid health insurance, “Summr” and “Wintr” breaks (i.e. full-company closure), paid vacation + Unlimited sick time
Your Work:
A bit of background: Feathr’s previous customer segments were fairly small and niche, so most of our growth has been driven by highly targeted inside sales. Most of our marketing efforts were previously focused on sponsoring industry events and creating thought leadership content to support our inside sales efforts.
In 2021, Feathr expanded to start serving 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (charities and foundations); we help these organizations adopt modern digital marketing technologies and best practices to promote their programs, raise awareness of their mission, and drive more online donations. Due to the much larger size of this customer segment, the greenfield opportunity it represents, and the positive response to some initial test campaigns, Feathr is scaling up digital marketing efforts (and team) significantly in 2022 to focus on reaching the nonprofit sector.
As a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Feathr, you will help both plan and execute marketing campaigns across a variety of channels including email, programmatic and paid social ads, direct placement advertising in industry digital media publications, public relations / earned media, and our own website. Campaigns will range from promoting thought leadership content to product marketing to direct response efforts to drive inbound leads / demo requests.
Your Experience
5+ years of experience planning and/or executing digital marketing campaigns
1+ years of experience in B2B marketing with the primary goal of driving inbound leads
Proficient in HubSpot (or similar marketing automation tools) and Google Analytics
Proficient in at least one of Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, or a programmatic display advertising tool (Feathr, AdRoll, Centro Basis, etc.)
Comfortable using remote collaboration tools such as Asana, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.
Your Qualities
Positive attitude and alignment with Feathr’s PACTS (see below)
Growth mindset and professional curiosity – you are always learning and improving, neither resting on laurels nor intimidated by a task just because you haven’t done it before
Organized and detail-oriented – you are able to juggle multiple projects, campaigns, and marketing channels without getting overwhelmed
“Owner’s eyes” – when something just isn’t working, you take the initiative to uncover the root cause and find solutions without waiting for someone else to fix it or tell you how
Your Day
Plan out Feathr’s upcoming marketing campaigns, to include messaging, targeting, channels, and timelines
Collaborate with other members of the marketing team (Marketing Designer, Content Marketing Lead, Digital Ads Coordinator) to bring campaigns to life
Execute certain channels for certain campaigns yourself (e.g. manipulating templates and writing email copy within HubSpot one day, scheduling social media posts another day, launching a display ad retargeting campaign within Feathr yet another day)
Review reporting within HubSpot and Salesforce to gauge efficacy of different campaigns / channels and inform optimizations to current and future campaigns
Feathr is headquartered in Gainesville, FL and we prioritize candidates who are located in or willing to relocate here (and we are willing to financially support relocation). If you aren’t familiar, Gainesville is a hip mid-sized city with a talented, creative population, incredible surrounding nature, and excellent quality of life. However, for the right candidate, we also support remote work in nearby Florida cities such as Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, or Tallahassee.
Interview Process
As a part of our commitment to creating a fair, equitable, and positive interview experience for all candidates, we offer full transparency of our interview stages to give applicants an idea of the time and effort involved. Additionally, each interview stage consists of standardized questions and rubrics with a scoring system to ensure a consistent and fair assessment practice of all candidates.
Application Screen – The Talent Acquisition Team reviews and follows up with all applicants. Candidates at this stage are assessed based on the requirements outlined in the job post.
Information Screening – The Talent Acquisition Team will invite candidates that move forward to an email interview. This will be a set of questions focused on relevant work experience, compensation, role overview, and answering any questions the candidate has.
Hiring Manager Screening – 30 minute virtual meeting with the Hiring Manager to answer role-specific questions.
Work Assignment – Candidates will be receive a work assignment prompt outlining an exercise that relates to the activities expected to be completed within the position. The completion of the assignment should take about 1 hour.
Panel Interview – 1-hour interview with two to three key members of the team. This interview will dive deeper into your work assignment and portfolio, the role, technical knowledge, and the requirements of the position.
Hiring Manager Interview – You will meet with the hiring manager for 35-40 minutes to cover final questions.
Reference Check – At this time, we will reach out to candidates’ references. This is also the opportunity for candidates to provide any additional information or context if there are concerns surrounding their background check. Feathr believes candidates that have made it to this point in the interview process are truly talented individuals, and so we are open to dialoguing background screens before turning away candidates that have consistently excelled through the interview process.
Offer – The Talent Acquisition Specialist will reach out with the details of the offer to discuss with the candidate. After all the details of the informal offer are finalized, the candidate will receive their formal offer. At this time, we will run the background check.
If you require accommodations or assistance during the application or interview process due to a disability, please submit a request via this Candidate Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.

Healthcare and Personal:
We offer full vision and dental, life and 99% medical coverage from top providers keeping you and your family in the best shape.
In lieu of observing federal holidays, Feathr offers a 4-day workweek, unlimited sick time, 10 PTO days upon hire, a Summr and Wintr break, and parental leave. You can read more about Feathr’s decision to move to a 4-day workweek here.
Like every company, we have an acronym that conveys the most important aspects of the culture we strive to have, ours is PACTS:
Practicality: Am I incrementally improving something or delaying perfection?
Ambition: Am I staying in my comfort zone as opposed to learning and communicating what is necessary to solve the real challenges?
Clarity: Is my audience understanding what I’m communicating?
Trust: Am I being sincere and trusting others to do the same?
Service: Am I expecting more from myself than from others?
This acronym is only as useful as the integrity of the people who reference it and believe in it. Every person at Feathr will face challenges, the most important quality is a commitment to work through those challenges with self-awareness and honesty.
Office and Location:
After operating remotely throughout the pandemic for over a year, returning to the office, then transitioning back to a remote environment, Feathr has made the exciting decision to officially move to a hybrid work model before 2022. Currently, we are open to considering candidates within Gainesville, or a close enough distance to travel to the office as-needed. Requirements of in-person attendance are still being determined and will likely be established by department leaders for their team.
Feathr is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all employees. So, however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, if you think you’d drive value in this position, please apply.

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