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Vacancy : security supervisor
Company Location : Kolkata, West Bengal

Job Description

To be responsible for maintaining peace and smooth functioning environment within the hospital premises.
4.1 To prepare Duty Chart for the security officers and supervisors to maintain the department round the clock.
4.2 To have proper supervision on security guards for discipline.
4.3 To co-ordinate with local police personnel.
4.4 To maintain the documents as required.
4.5 To provide Security arrangements for VIP’s.

4.6 To train the security guard and senior guard to the expected standard of hospital administration.
4.7 To provide proper security arrangement for the visiting VIP’s.
4.8 To ensure follow-up of fire fighting equipment’s and conduction of fire drills.
4.9 To continuously train Security Guards on Security aspects.
4.10 To ensure proper maintenance of Mortuary as per the required status.
4.11 To frequently make surveillance to different departments / areas within
4.12 To handle patient escalation, if any.
4.13 To handle MLC
4.14 To evaluation the vendor performance.
4.15 To restrict the movement of patient visitors.
4.16 To maintain In & Out Gate Pass and Challans.
4.17 To participate and contribute to departmental quality initiatives.
4.18 To be aware of departments performance and objectives.
4.19 To support in data collection.
4.20 To monitor in and out gate pass and challans.
4.21 To adhere to the safety norms of hospital and follow both patient safety and staff safety rules.
4.22 To ensure all the employees in the security department are trained / oriented about the quality systems of the department.
4.23 To perform duty / job as and when assigned by the superior.
4.24 To handle code pink
4.25 To handle code brown
4.26 To handle code grey
4.27 To handle code red
4.28 To handle code purple
4.29 Parking management.
4.30 To ensure adequate staffing, for the routine day to day functions.
4.31 To recruit employees based on competencies required for the specific job
based on education, skills and experiences.
4.32 To ensure employees are provided orientation and training of the
departmental activities immediately on joining.
4.33 To select and monitor quality indicators of the department and ensure

4.34 To improve & sustain the improvement of their respective departments. When
improvement has been sustained for a certain period of time & no further improvement is possible; choose new measures to monitor the functions of the department.

4.35 To choose objective criteria including the departmental indicator for evaluation of employees during PMS.

4.36 To be aware of departmental budget & ensure budgetary compliance.

4.37 To carry out and complete any job / task as and when assigned by the superior (this point is to be incorporated for all JDs).

4.38 Fire Safety
Enforce “No Smoking “policy throughout the hospital.
Inspection all Fire appliances like Fire Hose Cabinets, Fire hydrants, Fire Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems and Smoke Detectors and Manual Call Points.
To impart training on Fire Evacuation protocol and Fire Safety to all the employees as and when required including the new joiners, external Contractors and Vendors.
Conducting Fire Drills as per schedule.
Ensure that the Fire Bay is always clear and free of any vehicle all the time.
Maintaining checklist of regular inspection for all the fire containment and suppression systems and keeping the records for the same.
Ensure to provide “Fire Watch” in all “Hot Work” operations in the hospital premises during construction and renovation projects Industrial product & Supply.
Maintaining liaison with the outsourcing agency for the maintenance and servicing of the Fire Extinguishers and notifying any damage or malfunction for immediate repair.
Plays a very important role in fire prevention, containment and evacuation of patients as well as employees in any incidence related to fire in the hospital vicinity

Primary Location: India
Work Locations: Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals – Canal Circular Road – Kolkata No. 58 Canal Circular Road Kolkata 700054
Job: Security Supervisor
Organization: Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals-CanalCircular-Kolkata
Job Posting: Feb 1, 2022

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