R&D Chef / Product Development Job Vacancy at Mareblu Naturals (1153 N Armando St, Anaheim, CA 92806)

Vacancy : R&D Chef / Product Development
Company Name : Mareblu Naturals
Company Location : 1153 N Armando St, Anaheim, CA 92806

Job Description

Job Goal/Mission:
Within 90 days of the role start date, you should be able to:
Plan, scale, formulate and control quality of test kitchen and production efforts.
Work on existing and newly discovered ingredients and technologies to invent new recipes and modify foods to create new products.
Conduct tests to determine the physical or chemical properties of food or beverages to ensure compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.
You will also identify opportunities for innovation, expansion and profitable growth.
Objective Key Results (OKR):
Modify existing products, processes and developing new recipes
Researching current consumer markets and latest technologies to develop new product concepts
Provides technical support in the scale-up and successful execution of plant trials
Scale up from test batch
Collaborating with technical and commercial colleagues in procurement, sales and technical services, marketing and distribution
Ability to repeat processes to ensure consistency and safety on how to optimize products
Design, execute and analyze experimental approach for product design
Create and maintain information for product ingredient specifications, in-process control points and testing requirements
Support, coordinate and conduct pilot plant trials for factory scale trials
Must be able to effectively troubleshoot and offer plausible, executable solutions
Able to maintain product matching, new product development, ingredient qualification, shelf life stability and cost optimization
Develop food product formulation from conception to commercialization
Technical Proficiencies:
Proven passion for food innovation
Can arrive at final formulation in about 1/3 of the time most competent people think possible
Knowledgeable in food technology, industry safety standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
Strong analytical skills
Detail oriented
Worked with wide range of foods
Experience in product development and hands on bench work
Personality Aspects Required for Position
High-stress management (customer timelines, inevitable commercialization challenges)
Enjoys the full process of being in a conversation simply talking about a cool idea, and a few weeks later watching the forklifts load the container taking a new item to thousands of retail points where customers will experience the product
Takes delight in being one of those rare people that enjoy working on things that don’t have a ready made answer
Genuine love for researching ingredients and recipes, can spend hours watching Youtube cooking videos and scouring the web for new ingredients
Company Mission, Personality, and Values:
To improve the lives of our customers by providing the most delicious and healthy snacks that beat anything currently in the market in each category we choose to play- thereby making 180Snacks #1 in sales in the selected category and making our retail partners, company members, and investors prosperous.
Obsessively profit-oriented
Key objectives are established for a reason. Words are words. Actions are actions. But only results are results.
They understand that all results should indirect/directly Increase revenue, or decrease cost. If the company is not profitable, and turn that profit into cash, then nobody wins.
Therefore, they are able to prioritize which key objectives to focus on.
And, in order to move forward as efficiently as possible, they are instinctively automation-oriented (ie software, equipment, SOPs). They hate unnecessarily redundant and manual actions.
Salary-exempt. Because no metric matters more than achieving the Key Outcomes, they do whatever it takes to get the project done. Our top players agree to be salary-exempt, in exchange for certain privileges (ie bonuses, flex-schedule, work flow autonomy, etc.)
Self-starter, Self-finisher The buck always stops with them, they are never victims and they take ultimate responsibility. If everyone in the company disappeared right now, they would still be able to start/finish any project. How is this possible?
Our top players don’t have formal certifications or PHDs. Instead, the secret is that they think in first-principles. Using simple logic, they can visualize what the desired end goal is and the steps needed to get there.
They massively research via books and Google whenever they are stuck on a step…and they always move forward.
They are always restless until they cross the finish line.
Cognizant of competence-based hierarchy. Everyone is treated with respect, but not everyone is equal. We have a competence-based hierarchy, with more rewards awarded to those who take on heavier responsibilities. Our top players are aware of their own unique strengths and weaknesses. When they are outclassed, they listen (they are not resentful). When they are the strongest, they take charge confidently but not arrogantly. As a result, our top players are able to work together during crucial moments. And they give a helping hand when they can. Our top players are learning inside and outside the job, so they can double-down on their strengths, while mitigating their weaknesses.
Emotional support is a “give-take” dynamic [aka working WITH each other] There will inevitably be stretches of time where our Top Players will feel they are alone working on an initiative. Therefore, our Top Players strive for a balance in proactively taking care of each other emotionally, so that the favor can be returned later on. At the same time, our Top Players are primarily motivated in seeing their results, and they are able to “self-validate” themselves. Finally, Top Players understand it is inevitable that they will step on each other’s toes. They sort it out, then continue forward.
Enjoy the process. They understand that huge results mean huge rewards, but also huge costs and huge patience. Therefore, Top Players push multiple initiatives at once, so they are encouraged by seeing smaller wins regularly. Top Players understand it’s a choice to make it as fun as possible.
Question the Status Quo
We thrive at the epicenter of innovation. We make progress by speaking our minds even when it challenges convention. We lead by championing bold ideas and taking intelligent risks.
Confidence Without Attitude We make decisions based on evidence and analysis, giving us the confidence to act with humility. We foster collaboration by building a foundation of empathy, inclusion, and trust.
Student Always We area community designed to support curiosity. We actively seek out diverse perspectives as part of our lifelong pursuit of personal an intellectual growth. There is always more to learn.
Beyond Yourself We shape our world by leading ethically and responsibly. As stewards of our enterprises, we take the longer view in our decisions and actions. This often means putting the collective good above our own interests.
We believe that an alignment of the company’s vision [to shareholders, to customers, to employees] with personal dreams can result in extraordinary meaning, wealth, and fun.
We believe in the motto “you get what you give.”
Benefits Summary:
twice a week COVID testing (vaccinated employees are exempt)
Accrued Vacation PTO
Sick PTO
Monthly Health Insurance Stipend (equivalent to corporate health insurance offerings)
Annual Performance bonuses
Biannual performance reviews
Flex-schedule options (salary-exempt only)
Monthly luncheons, unlimited coffee/tea, social events
Growth Opportunities:
Director, VP roles in Supply Chain, Commercialization, Business Development, Product Development

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