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Company Location : Abu Dhabi

Job Description

General Characteristics

– Responsible for the efficient execution of the project to ensure that it is delivered within schedule, cost and in accordance with the project quality and HSE Standards.

Primary Role: To coordinate the project between Client and Subcontractor and Vendors.

– To help manage and engineer a multi-discipline project through detail design, construction, commissioning, hand-over, and close-out. Job Completion Engineer to stay site for closing punch items and achieve PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate) & FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate)

Roles and Responsibilities

– To coordinate with Client, Local Government Entities or any companies needed for the execution of the project at any stages (has experienced to directly communicate for a certain issue or problem to be resolved – No matter which subject or discipline it is related to).

– To support or manage specific work from bidding process, technical and commercial negotiation, subcontract formation, contract administration during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, hand-over and warranty period.

– To define the project scope of work in order to define the required deliverables (to be able to breakdown all related 2nd level activities based on either experiencing at field as supervisors or manipulating WBS details such as BOQ).

– To establish an effective document management system for the project (to be able to write up key-documents to be submitted to Client such as MS, TRA, and all kinds of approvals when give a particular subject and a standard form or template).

– To ensure that effective business controls are applied throughout the project and in accordance with stated requirements. Controls will apply to all HSE, Commercial, Financial, Quality, Integrity, and Schedule Issues.

– To be responsible for the management of all projects reporting, interface definition and management, plus liaison with Client project engineers.

– To ensure that technical integrity is fully maintained and that all deviations to project standards/procedures are formally recorded and approved.

– To identify cost or schedule reduction opportunities and ensure that these are pursued wherever appropriate.

– To manage and report both budget and schedule on a weekly and monthly basis.

– To be responsible for the management of all project audit reports, and ensuring that all audit action items are closed-out in a timely manner.

– To be responsible for highlighting and resolving project issues at the earliest opportunity.

– To exercise control over manpower and material resources in order to complete the project within budget, schedule, quality, and HSE requirements.

– To exercise control over manpower and material resources in order to complete the project within budget, schedule, quality and HSE requirements.

– To review the contract document and local regulation to support the project execution (to be able to understand all requirements and scope of work to be completed and plant to properly perform the work by subcontracting or utilizing all in-house resources without any missing or redundant work scope when an assignment is given from Client based on the contract).

Job Requirements and Qualifications

– Minimum 2 to Maximum 5 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry would be preferred

– Experience as the Engineer or Supervisor at field from EPC Companies, specialized vendors or subcontractors would be preferred.

– Active and strong attitude is required (one successful experience to be achieved by your sole responsibility would be more important than many passive works that do not seem interesting no matter how important and how big the work was).

– Minimum BSc Degree required in Engineering.

– Job experience in Global International Company.

– Knowledge about Project Agreement and Contract is required.

– Experience in UAE with ADNOC would be preferred.

Future Career Path

– To build own career paths having own assignments based on a sole responsibility and learning many different fields related to the own tasks in overall.

– To become a project engineer based on past experiences to work for particular multiple-years projects related to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical or Power Plant sectors or even a different background such as 1. Supervisors at fields if experienced to deal with problems issued by Clients through face-to-face meetings. 2. Project Engineer from small EPC Company. 3. Discipline Engineer small EPC Company. 4. Other Discipline Engineer.

Skills & Knowledge

– Good presentation skills.

– Good Market Research and Analysis.

– Ability to read and interpret construction drawings and specifications and other technical documents.

– Ability to read and interpret contractual terms and conditions.

– Well versed with international HSE Standards and Permit to Work System, preferably with ADNOC.

– Ability to manage the actual work as per the requirements of the subcontract and Client’s contractual agreement.

– Ability to manage specialized consultants for works that require approvals from government entities.

– Expert in MS Office Application (Excel, Word, Power Point).

Language & Skills Required

– English writing and speaking should be excellent (especially writing skills for documentation would be important).

– Arabic native speakers would be preferred in general

Other Details

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Duration: Permanent

Working Schedule: 8 hrs a day x 6 days a week

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