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Vacancy : Ophthalmologist
Company Location : Al-Ayn

Job Description

Position at Kanad Hospital
Kanad Hospital (formerly known as Oasis Hospital) was established in 1960 by Doctors Pat and Mariam Kennedy at ‎the request of HH Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan. The Kennedys were physicians from the United States whose primary ‎goal was to honor God by providing loving healthcare to those in this region. Ever since our launch, Kanad has been ‎known for its excellent obstetric and pediatric care, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the premier ‎healthcare providers for women and children in the Middle East. We are honored to be the birthplace of many of ‎the leaders of our great nation including HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. ‎

Kanad Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital that strives to diligently follow the teachings of Jesus in the way that we ‎care for women, children, and their families. We have the privilege of being the first hospital established in the Abu ‎Dhabi Emirate and the first private hospital in the Emirate to attain JCI accreditation. Additionally, we are the first ‎hospital in the world to obtain JCI Clinical Care Program Certifications for our treatment program for Respiratory ‎Distress Syndrome in newborns and for our Natural Birth after Cesarean Section program for mothers.‎

Hope: Healthy communities transformed by the love of the God.‎
Purpose: To honor God by providing exceptional whole person healthcare to the community with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.‎

Position Summary: The Ophthalmologist provides comprehensive primary ophthalmic care to patients including appropriate evaluation, diagnostic testing along with medical and surgical care as indicated. Appropriate sub-specialty referral will be provided when necessary. The Ophthalmologist recognizes and adheres to the Mission and Objectives of Kanad Hospital and works to serve patients with quality and in a manner that honors Jesus Christ.

Clinical Responsibilities:
To be personally accountable for professional and ethical actions and practices within a legal and ethical framework that adheres to Kanad Hospital’s requirements in conjunction with DOH and JCI guidelines and standards.
To maintain confidentiality, while communicating patient information, in such a way that preserves the dignity and privacy of the patient and the patient’s family and care-givers.
To work in a non-judgmental anti-discriminatory way, with regard to the cultural and religious beliefs of individuals and groups.
To ensure that prior to any course of action involving individuals/groups, their informed consent or other valid authority has been obtained.
To establish, develop and maintain appropriate systems for the management of patients with long-term conditions.
To ensure that record-keeping and patient documentation are recorded accurately and in a timely fashion.
To interpret and explain complex facts in relation to a patient’s condition to the patient and when appropriate to the patient’s family and other care givers.
To be responsible for appropriate referrals, ongoing support for the patient, family and care givers and the co-ordination of other necessary services.
To maintain clinical competence and exercise awareness of professional responsibilities by reading current relevant literature and by taking opportunities for personal and professional development in accordance with the requirements of DOH and the recommendations of Kanad Hospital.
To use evidence-based practice to develop and maintain high quality clinically effective and cost-effective ophthalmic care.
To assess, tolerate and manage risk and deal with uncertainty.
To prescribe in accordance with regulations and with the post holder’s training and registration.
To undertake screening procedures.
To provide telephone consultations as required.
To demonstrate critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning skills in clinical decision-making.
To ensure the accurate completion of all necessary documentation associated with health care and practice administration according to ICD and E/M guidelines.
To collaborate with other health professionals and agencies as appropriate, liaising and communicating effectively with medical, voluntary and statutory agencies as necessary.
To be able to work with people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, and people with disabilities and learning difficulties, and to be able to communicate with them (and, when necessary, their family and care-givers) appropriately to facilitate their care and understanding of their care within the service
To manage one’s own clinical responsibilities and to act as source of information to other clinical staff.
To record in the medical record why investigations are being undertaken. To analyze the results and record in the medical record the actions required.
To liaise effectively with all other disciplines and to forge effective links with primary and secondary care to ensure effective communication.
To undertake professional development and participate in Kanad Hospital’s CME program.
To attend department and other scheduled meetings.

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