Frontend Engineer Job Vacancy at Temboo (104 Franklin St Apt 4, New York, NY 10013)

Vacancy : Frontend Engineer
Company Name : Temboo
Company Location : 104 Franklin St Apt 4, New York, NY 10013

Job Description

Temboo is home to environmentalists, technologists, designers, and everyone in between. We believe in empowering all people to use emerging technology to make their own world a better place.
Our no-code platform for environmental engagement helps communities advocate for policy changes, nonprofits assess environmental conditions, cities maintain green infrastructure, and citizens become more involved.
We’re building software that helps people measure, share, and grow their sustainability efforts—and we want you to help! Here’s some things we’re excited about:

Our customers are building a wide range of environmental monitoring applications, from tracking soil moisture in city tree beds to assessing pH levels in octopus farms!
As reported by the New York Times, our platform helps people combine science, sensors, and community organizing to make where they live, work, and play greener. Regardless of background or experience, we provide all the tools needed to measure, engage, inform, and advocate to build more engaged communities, neighborhoods, and environments.
We partner with groups like the Waterfront Alliance, The Grid, and SWIM to lend our support for smarter, more resilient waterfronts and urban communities.
Our software comes pre-shipped in hardware development platforms for millions of devices from companies like Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Arduino.
Our software integrates with over 100 internal and external APIs and cloud services, and we work closely with API providers such as Amazon and Microsoft to make their APIs more accessible.
Temboo has been adopted as a teaching tool by over 150 universities worldwide, in courses ranging from traditional CS and engineering, to digital art and urban data mining.
As a frontend engineer at Temboo, you’ll work closely with our product team to design, implement, test, deploy and maintain new browser-based features. Your specific technical skill-set is less important to us than your all-around intelligence, problem-solving ability, and eagerness for new challenges (that said, we expect you’ll have significant experience with Javascript, CSS, HTML, and more). The nature of what we do means that we’re continually exploring how emerging technologies can enhance how we build our product.
What You’ll Be Doing
Building rich web apps that help our customers bring their physical and digital worlds closer together
Collaborating on a broad range of software engineering challenges, from working with real-time sensor data streams to JavaScript performance optimization
Writing maintainable code that your fellow engineers will thank you for
Learning about new technologies to improve your problem solving abilities and push the Temboo platform forward
What We’re Looking For In You
Proven frontend experience building web applications
Strong computer science fundamentals and experience with object-oriented architecture and test-driven development
A willingness to learn and use new technologies, strategies, tools, and components
Why You Should Apply
You’ll work on exciting challenges like developing rich web applications that help people connect physical objects and spaces to the internet, and visualizing large sensor data sets
You’ll be writing software that people use to make a positive impact on the world
You’ll get wide-ranging exposure to different aspects of the technology and business worlds since Temboo touches hardware & software, multiple layers of the technology stack, and a variety of industries
You’ll be part of a committed, smart, respectful, and fun team
We offer competitive compensation, a casual office environment, and respect for autonomy
Our users are our customers, and they control their own data. We’re not selling ads or user data.
Does this sound like you? If so, send us your resume and a note about why you’re interested in working at Temboo. We’re looking for people who have passionate interests outside of work as well, so please mention a few of yours in your cover letter.
Check out a customer story that combines community activism and emerging technology to deal with climate change at the hyper-local level.
How To Apply
Email us at, including your resume and a note about yourself (please use “Frontend Engineer” in the subject line).

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