Digital Marketing Agency Appointment Setter Job Vacancy at CleverClicks (United States)

Vacancy : Digital Marketing Agency Appointment Setter
Company Name : CleverClicks
Company Location : United States

Job Description

Would you like to be responsible for leading the growth of an Australian/South African digital marketing agency’s arrival into the US?
Do you get a lot of satisfaction from charming your way past gatekeepers and booking discovery calls?
Do you value getting paid healthy commissions on top of your hourly rate based on your personal performance?
About the role:
If the answers to the above are a resounding yes, then read on, because CleverClicks Digital has just kicked off its search for a North American based appointment setter.
The position is fully remote, has flexible hours (20 to 30 per week), and operates in US business hours. The base rate is between USD20 to USD26 per hour (based on experience) + healthy commissions (based on KPIs achieved).
CleverClicks is an international digital marketing agency with clients in Australia, Canada, and the UK.
You will be part of our tight-knit team, and join our fun team-building Zoom calls. Please read our company values below (and we do actually live them!)
You will report directly to the Canadian-based CEO.
You will be responsible for:
Working contact lists to do cold calling & emailing (in one particular niche), with the main objective of booking appointments (discovery calls)
Assistance with improving scripts, emails and sales processes
Ensuring all communications are fully up to date in our systems
Proven success in previous appointment setting positions
OUTSTANDING oral and written English skills
USA/Canadian residents
Natural ability to establish rapport with people
Quickly adapt to new software
Why CleverClicks? (aka “job perks”):
We don’t like 9am – 5pm jobs. So you will be free to structure your day around your other passions – boxing session at 11am… or yoga at 3pm… picking up the kids from school… no problem. Think flexi-hours on a whole new level.
You will have huge flexibility in where and when you work. Calls need to be complete within US business hours, but you can work from anywhere. (US/Canadian residents only)
Healthy commissions based on achieving personal KPIs.
Our team is tight-knit and super caring. We love working together. As a team, we are purposeful about who we hire and as a result, everyone you end up working with will be fun, super-talented, honest, driven, confident, passionate and just a little bit quirky (sound like anyone you know?).
The happiness of our team matters to us, and we’re really forward-thinking when it comes to our work/life balance.
We are all obsessed with learning and honing our razor-sharp skills. As part of the CleverClicks team, we’ll dedicate a significant amount of time to upskilling you and making you better at what you love.
If you’re successful, then the possibility of moving into a full-time roll and helping us grow the sales team/process and/or learning digital marketing is a definite possibility
Company Description
CleverClicks is a fast-growing digital marketing agency with most of the team in South Africa, but also Canada and the Philippines. Our clients are international.
Our outward mission is to help the owners of small and medium-sized businesses live their entrepreneurial dreams. We do this by creating marketing machines through SEO, PPC, lead nurturing & dashboards.
Just as importantly, our inward mission is for each of us to push ourselves to the next level of personal and professional growth, whatever that may look like for you – making you more fulfilled, more valuable and ultimately, happier. More will be revealed in the interview.
We give you the flexibility to achieve optimal work/life balance, allowing you to be productive while living a life you want to live.
Company Values
1. We prioritize our mental & physical wellbeing
How calm and balanced do you feel? What have you done to make yourself a healthier and happier person?
2. We value our own genius
How fulfilled & satisfied do you feel? How much of the week have you been “in flow” operating in your genius zone?
3. We are very open
Bad days are ok. How often have you shared when you’ve had a crappy day, or felt tired/stressed/low? How often have you supported someone else who is off-kilter? How often have you asked for help?
4. We thrive on growing & teaching
How have you grown or helped someone else grow? How curious have you been? What learning have you shared?
5. We sharpen each other
You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. When last did you challenge or raise someone up, or question a process? How well have you embraced feedback?
6. We take “Extreme Ownership”
How well have you owned the OUTCOME of what you’re doing? We know that busy does not equal productive. We value results over hours clocked. How well have you prioritized? What results have you delivered?

Apply now – trust us, this will be the best job you’ve ever had.
(But be prepared, previous candidates have described our recruitment process as “full-on”. We don’t take on a new member of the family lightly.)

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