ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE BOOKKEEPER Job Vacancy at Roanoke Landing (1084 US Highway 64 East, Plymouth, NC 27962)

Company Name : Roanoke Landing
Company Location : 1084 US Highway 64 East, Plymouth, NC 27962

Job Description


The primary purpose of your job position as ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE BOOKKEEPER is toperformbookkeepingduties in an efficientmanner,in accordancewith establishedprocedures,andas directed by your Administrator.


Listed below is an outline of the duties and responsibilities that you will be required to performEven though your job description is broad, every effort has been made to make this outline ascomplete as possible. HOWEVER, we must emphasize that you MAY be required to performother related duties and activities.
Receive and follow Accounts Receivable guidelines as outlined in our established policies and procedures and as instructed by your Administrator
Operate paging/telephone system as required (optional)
Answer telephone, determine nature of call, and relay information within the facility as necessary
Receive inquiries and release information in accordance with established policies & procedures
Give directions/information to visitors, guests, residents, etc.
Report suspicious persons/information to supervisor immediately
Assist with administrative duties, as directed
Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY of pertinent resident care information to assure resident rights are protected
Follow all established safety procedures and precautions when operating office equipment
Report equipment malfunctions or breakdowns to your supervisor as soon as possible
Report all unsafe/hazardous conditions to your supervisor immediately
Ensure administrative supplies have been replenished in work areas, as necessary
Attend and participate in all inservice educational classes and on-the-job training programs, as necessary
Assure that work/assignment areas are neat, clean, and office equipment is covered before leaving such areas on breaks, end of work day, etc.
Responsible for billing and collecting all moneys owed to the facility as outlined in the collections policy. Meet all deadlines required by Corporate Office and the accounting firm
Responsible for the maintenance of all residents’ financial records
Maintains an accurate daily census and reports census daily to appropriate persons
Maintains accurate resident fund ledgers in a timely manner for residents. Provides quarterly statements to residents/responsible party
Responsible for timely billing to the Medicaid and Medicare Program (Part A and B claims)
Responsible for the necessary follow-up of any unpaid claims
Responsible for timely collections of all claims and for posting these to appropriate accounts
Responsible for meeting all deadlines and submitting required reports on a timely basis
Involved in all admissions to the facility to help insure that proper financial papers are signed by the resident/responsible party and to insure that explanation of the financial responsibilities are explained in detail
Insure that all financial folders are maintained appropriately
Backup bookkeeper for payroll system

Petty Cash
Disburse, keep up with receipts, purchase orders, and reimburse
Reconcile with bank statement
Verify that deposits are written correctly before taking to bank
Other related duties as may become necessary or as directed by your Administrator.

Sitting, standing, bending, lifting, and moving intermittently during working hours
Works in well-lighted/ventilated office areas
Subject to frequent interruptions
Willingness to work beyond normal working hours & in other positions temporarily, as necessary
Communicate with nursing and other department personnel
This facility will make reasonable accommodations that will permit the employee to perform the essential functions of his or her job.

Accounting, Professional Services, Other
Experience: Not Specified

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